Support Articles

Here are some common help topics. Click the link to read the support article. 

Oxygen: My concentrator is making a beeping noise or displaying a yellow/red light. What does this mean?

Oxygen: My portable concentrator is not always dispensing oxygen. Is there something wrong with my device?

CPAP:  My insurance is denying payment because of non-compliance. What does this mean? 

Billing: What is “capped rental”? At what point do I actually own my equipment?

Billing: I’d like to transfer service to or from Mayhugh’s Medical. What do I need to do? 

Billing: I only ordered a CPAP Mask, Why are there 7 items on my bill? 

Billing: How do I change my address or insurance information?

Billing:  Why am I receiving this bill? 

Referrals:  What equipment is covered?

Referrals:  How To Place an Order For A Patient - What is Required?

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