Nasal Pillows Mask

  • Tube-up design offers freedom to sleep in any position
  • Nasal pillows cushion uses dual-wall technology to create a reliable seal
  • Integrated QuietAir vent diffuses air gently to limit drafts and noise
  • SpringFit frame adjusts to your face for a fit that lasts all night

Product Includes:

There are two starter packs, each of which is delivered with 1 frame and 2 cushions as follows:

  • Small starter pack: 1 small frame, 2 cushions (sizes S and M)
  • Standard starter pack: 1 standard frame, 2 cushions (sizes S and M)

Please note that the standard frame is bigger than the small frame. You can order a large cushion (size L) as a spare part if you find that size M is too small.

Download AirFit P30i User Guide

Sleep close in comfort

The AirFit P30i is designed for closeness. When you want to cuddle up, you can. The QuietAir vent gently diffuses air to limit noise and drafts. The top-of-the-head design means there’s no tube to get in the way of a goodnight kiss.

Sleep freely all night long

The clever tube-up design keeps your CPAP tubing out of the way and means it can move fluidly with every twist and turn. The self-adjusting SpringFit frame and dual-wall nasal pillows cushion provide a stable, reliable fit. Together, these features offer you the freedom to move easily and sleep in any position you choose, all night long.

Choosing the right frame size

Step 1 - In general, men should select the standard frame size and women should select the small frame size. These are general recommendations that can be disregarded if you feel that you have a smaller/larger face than average.


Step 2 - The frame should sit on the top of the head, like a headband. If the frame is too small, it will feel tight and sit too close to your forehead. If the frame is too large, it will feel loose and sit too far back on your head.