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Billing: What is “capped rental”? At what point do I actually own my equipment?

Certain medical equipment such as cpap machines, wheelchairs, and nebulizer machines are billed by Medicare using what is called “capped rental”. Capped rental means Medicare pays for the total cost of your equipment over a period of 13 months. During that time the equipment is considered a “rental”. If for some reason you no longer need that piece of equipment before the 13 month period is up, you’ll simply return the equipment to us and no more payments will be collected. After 13 months you own the equipment. 

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Billing: How do I change my address or insurance information?

If you have changed insurance companies, switched plans or coverage or have recently moved please contact our office. You may have received a bill due to this change taking place. If this is the case, as long as your plan’s coverage has not changed, your bill will be waived.

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